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Sherie Hardy

Sherrie Hardy, creator of Hardy Brain Camp Training Program

Jeff Henly

Jeff Henley, member of the Board
of Governors of the Boys and
Girls Club of America

Hardy Brain Camp Training is designed to help all kinds of students find success. We help students who are behind in class, students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, autism and learning disabilities become more successful in school. We work with students who are at the bottom of the class and are in special education programs learn faster so they can be more successful. We help students who have tried lots of different kinds of tutoring and special school programs that haven't worked for them, become independent learners. And, we help average and gifted students who aren't working to their full potential achieve success.

If your child is struggling in school or not working up to potential, Hardy Brain Camp will help. The brain training will improve your child's ability to pay attention, think faster, decide on the important parts of information, organize and communicate them so reading, math and other school subjects become easier.

Hardy Brain Camp uses metronome training to permanently train your child's brain to think faster and process information more easily for more success in school.

The most important factors to being successful at school are the abilities to:

  • pay attention to the information
  • think quickly
  • decide on the important parts of the information
  • organize them into the correct answer
  • complete the answer on time

The brain uses what is called millisecond timing to accomplish this. Millisecond timing happens at the speed of one-thousandth of a second. It enables us to pay attention, think quickly, make fast decisions, organize information and communicate it effectively. All of these key steps are necessary for success in school.

Student with below average millisecond brain timing have been found to have difficulty paying attention, following directions, remembering what to do, finishing their work in class. They become frustrated with their work easily, take hours to do a 20 minute assignment, are below grade level in reading and math, dislike school and have poor self-esteem about their ability to be successful.

Students compete with themselves on a computer based program to beat their training times. The training uses a computer-generated metronome beat. The challenge is to do the different hand and foot activities in time with the beat. The scores are recorded down to the millisecond. As the brain becomes more organized, the millisecond times get lower. The new brain timing is used unconsciously to pay attention, think faster, make decisions more easily, organize information and complete the answers to school work more efficiently - student become more successful!

When your child's brain timing goes from 350 milliseconds down to 28 milliseconds, their brain timing is now in a gifted range. Their attention improves, they think faster, their reading level increases, they understand math better, they are more organized and more successful in school.

How the Program Began

Hardy Brain Camp began with an idea and a dream for helping children.

After working with a fourth grader named Carlos for a year in the Hardy Academy program, Carlos went from unfocused to on-task, from hating school to being a very successful student who was catching up to grade level quickly, from a non-reader to reading at fourth grade level.

Jeff Henley, a member of the Board of Governors of the Boys and Girls Club of America, noticed Carlos' achievements and had the vision of bringing this kind of success to students at the Boys and Girls Clubs across America.

With Jeff's help and inspiration, the first pilot program to test the programs feasibility was started in October 2009 at the Oxnard Boys and Girls Club on 7th Street in Oxnard, CA.

The staff at the 7th Street Club House made the training a complete success.
Three students participated in the program - two completed the training and one had to drop out before training was complete. See the stories of Freddy, Jose, Carlos, and Miriam.

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